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Hey Guys,

I am trying to help my brother sell his rig. We are trying to figure out a fair asking price for it. What do you guys think his truck is worth? I am a newbie when it comes to this stuff so please forgive me if I mess up some of the terms. Thanks. :)

1985 Toyota 4x4 Pickup
4 Cylinder, Carburetor
Standard Cab, Shortbed

Truck Has:

* Front Axle:
o Has a newly rebuilt front Toyota Axle
o Has new 2.5 inch spacers
o Has Limited slip Detroit Locker with 5.29's
* Rear Axle:
o IFS rear axle with brand new Full Spool & 5.29's
* Steering:
o Has brand new Crossover steering with DOM 1/4 inch walled Tie Rod
* Drive Line:
o New rear driveline, 1/4 walled
o Front drive line has been lengthened
* Springs:
o Has new BDS 3.5 inch lift for front springs
o Chevy 3/4 ton spring 64 inch long, 2.5 inch blocks, with drop arms
* Shocks:
o Rancho 5012
* Accessories:
o 3 inch body lift
o Square tube rock guards
o Bumper
o Roll Bar
o High Lift
o New steel braided brake lines
o CB, KC lights, rock light, etc.
o Kenwood 6 Disk Changer
* Wheels:
o 4 Big Foot 35" tires with lifetime warranty
o Spare tire BFG
o Alloy Rims 15" x 12" wide
* Window:
o It's Brand New
* Engine:
o New head gasket, front seal, timing chain cover gasket, valve cover gasket, and oil pan gasket
o New Carburetor
o Rebuilt Starter
o New Alternator
o New Hoses
o New Thermostat
o New Spark Plugs and year-old spark plug wires
* Exhaust:
o New Header
o New Header Gasket
o Flowmaster Exhaust

Spare Parts:

* Spare Third Member with 4.11 Gears
* Spare Carburetor (for parts)

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