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Lift your 1986-96 Toyota pick up with this great suspension. This kit uses new knuckles, brackets, and lift blocks to give you 4-5" of lift front and rear. Superide shocks are included. This kit includes:

* Drivers side knuckle adapter
* Passengers side knuckle adapter
* Lower control arm front leg crossmember
* Lower control arm rear leg crossmember
* Drivers side axle relocation bracket
* Passengers side front axle relocation bracket
* Passengers side rear axle relocation bracket
* Drivers side sway bar bracket
* Passengers side sway bar bracket
* Brake hose relocation kit
* 3.125" Compression-stop extensions
* 3.625" Compression-stop extensions
* Rear block kit with u-bolts
* Four Superlift Superide shocks with boots

Hey if anyone is interested in a New in the same package never opened lift I bouught the lift for $600 just last friday but i had a change of heart and im doing a axle awap so make me an offer......
if interested contact me @ [email protected] or post here thx. And Im recieving the lift on Oct. 4
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