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Well guys as most of know I recently picked up a Ford Bronco II. However right now I really need the money because I have run into some unexpected bills. I hate to see it go but I think its something I dont have a choice in.

Car: 1986 Ford Bronco II

Color: Blue

Miles: over 100k

The good:

The motor has been rebuilt less then 20,000 miles ago. I do not have the paper work as the guy who I bought it from left it in Florida.

The chasis is super clean and there is next to no rust.(ever so small on the driverside door.) The inside is clean and out. The Bronco was orginallly from FL till about 2 years ago. It was garaged ever since it was brought to CT. The motor runs and sounds amazing.

Would make a great truck to lift or use as a daily winter car. It does have 4wd. Would also make a great first car.

The bad:

I recently noticed a small leak coming from under the truck. I spoke with some people who are more familiar with these and they said its most likly the front seal on the transmission. The gasket is dirt cheap and its overall not a tough job to do however I just dont have the time right now.


I was orginally going to ask 1200 or so but Ive lowered my price to 1000obo. It needs to go as I have some bills to pay. Its in perfect driving order and just needs that seal job done on a Saturday afternoon.


Thank you for the space and time and if youre interested please PM or call me at 860-538-1296.

I am located in Connecticut.
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