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1986 toyota 4x4 for sale someone offer $3200 please!!

Alright guys! I am selling my 4x4 so I can get a 4runner. I need more room than what my truck has.

My Truck has:

*manual trans (5spd)
*Chrome roll bar and KC lights
*Chrome brush guard
*rear tube bumper
*New mud tires
*xtra cab
*New clutch
*New cat. converter
*New starter
*New brake pads
*Net tailgate (orig. tailgate included)
*CD with box speaker in xtra cab
*Power windows and locks
*New windsheild
*New upholstry
*The interior is blue as well as the exterior
*230k miles, but runs really good

My truck is in really good condition and runs perfectly good. I have had it for almost 2years and have never broken down or had any major problem.

I am asking $3500
I am located near Sacramento, CA. If anyone is interested let me know.

Thanx guys! [email protected] or pm me

1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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