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FOR SALE: 1986 Toyota Turbo 4x4
Short bed, regular cab
5 speed Turbo tranny
Power Steering
Power Brakes
A/C needs a recharge
133k miles on the odometer
Pictures available – Email me!!!([email protected] OR [email protected])

$2500 OBO need to sell soon...

Custom front and rear suspension(yes, IFS…but read on). Zebra-stripe, rattle-can-and-masking-tape paint job(white stripes over original black paint) with grey interior in poor condition. By this I mean that the dash is cracked, the header torn in one place, and the floor liner and kick panel covers are in poor shape.

Truck was rolled once right back onto its wheels in 2001, with an in-cab cage(now removed) at the time. Cab straightened so the doors closed, windshield replaced but since cracked, body rough in general. The only straight panel is the tailgate, and that has some dings in it. No rust, original California vehicle. Not pretty, but romps like a trophy truck and can ‘wheel with the best of the non-rockbuggies. I used it as a daily driver for 4 years through school and only recently have not driven it very much. Mechanically sound and cared for. Many aftermarket accessories and lots of custom, functional fab work:

-Tubular, DOM bumpers front and rear, painted flat black. Prerunner style/look, but tucked close and wrap-around for crawling and corner protection in the rocks. Rear bumper has Class III receiver for drop hitch or towstrap anchoring.
-Heavy duty(2”x4”x.120 wall) steel rock sliders welded to the frame, run the full length of the underside of the body. Brackets are braced and triangulated. Polished aluminum diamond plate kick covers beneath each door.

-Custom, modified 3.5+ IFS arms, T-100 axles, Rancho Torsion bars, extended brake lines/tie rods and 2 Bilstiens at each front wheel. 12” vertical wheel travel, NOT a Total Chaos kit but my own design and fabrication, much stronger than anything I’ve seen on the market. It was all layed out and modeled in a SolidEdge CAD system and built using machined parts and fixtures. Front track width is 7” wider than stock. Aligned to ½ degree positive camber, 2 degrees caster and 1/8” of total toe.
-Low-profile droopstops.
-Downey Idler Arm gusset and IFS truss.
-Custom, ¾ elliptic leaf spring arrangement in the rear, 2 ½” lift shackles with one Bilstien per wheel. Approximately 14” vertical travel and capable of very twisty articulation. Currently limited by shock travel, can flex much farther with longer travel shocks.
-Custom traction bar arrangement on a tower atop the pumpkin in the rear.
-Semi-trussed rear axle housing.
-RTI is a solid 735 on a 20 degree ramp

-2” Body lift
-GIANT electric fan on automatic thermostatic switch(with in-cab manual bypass switch), mounted on custom aluminum shroud/duct over a V6 radiator.
-Custom hand throttle, bicycle lever on the shift lever opens to 1/3rd throttle for precision control in tight situations.
-Custom 3” shift lever extension, ’95 model shift knob
-Custom roller clutch pedal with grippy treddle for precise clutch control.
-Tercel steering wheel, a little smaller diameter but deeper dish(closer to you) for more leverage in the rocks.
-SR5 bucket seats, mismatched tan color. Ammo can center console.
-Cobra CB, wired/installed but still needs an antenna…
-Pioneer Stereo/tapedeck, Jensen 120w amp pushing 2-6” subs and 2 tweeters mounted in the doors and dash, respectively, with passive crossovers. Not exactly high fidelity, but decent for what it is.
-Speaker wiring has plugs between doors and cab for removal of doors in summer.
-Tilt steering column, missing covers.
-Lock-Right lunchbox locker in the rear pumpkin. The turbo differential is the same robust, 4-pinion unit that all the later V6’s came with. The pumpkin gearing is stock(4.10:1).
-32-11.50 BFG A/T ko’s, 70% tread, on 15x8 steel modular rims. Black centers with chrome rims, a little surface rust but otherwise sound.
-Optima Battery with custom heavy-duty strap.
-MSD 8mm spark plug wires and Blaster 2 coil.
-Bosch 1.4Kw winter starter
-RC Engineering 320cc/min Injectors
-Pro-Comp Steering damper
-Sylvania Halogen Headlights, surprisingly bright

Mechanically, the drive train is very sound. I bought it with 50k original miles on
it and have changed the oil every 2000 since I have owned it. I replaced the
timing chain/sprockets/guides with factory parts at 120k, and retorqued the head
while I was in there. Internally, the engine is bone stock. It has a glasspack
muffler on the back of the cat, and I swiss-cheesed the airbox to let it breath.
It just passed emissions in Ft. Collins, CO with flying colors.

It needs a power steering pump, as it whines a little on a cold morning and is
losing boost for sure. Other than that, it’s really ready to wheel for the summer.

The vehicle is located in Ft. Collins, CO. My cell phone number is still an AZ
area code, but I really live in Ft. Collins.

Tim Hillsamer 480-510-0726
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