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Hey guys, I'm having some money troubles and I need to sell this. I bought it not running and I was going to use the front axle for my SAS project but that's gonna be a while down the road if I still decide to do it.
I got it running but the engine still has a bad knock. It does run and drive but I wouldn't drive it far with the engine like that. 360 rebuild kits are cheap so you could have a sweet 4x4 for around $1000-$1200 if you did it yourself. This thing is like a cadillac. I spent a half hour playin with the power seats, haha.

Anyway, everything seems to be decent, obviously not perfect though. It does have a few small dents on the outside that aren't very noticable and a tear in the drivers seat. Everything else seems to work, but I'm not totally sure.

- 360 Engine
- Clean Title
- 116,000 Original Miles
- Dana 44 axles front and rear
- Power everything
- Reciever hitch for towing

I'd like $600. Let me know, it's going in the paper next week. I'm located in Portland, OR.

Oh you can see pics here ----> http://www.joeylink.com/gallery/album03?&page=3

And here ----> http://www.joeylink.com/gallery/album03?&page=4
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