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Bought a '87 J20. Love it. Great rig. Swapping a 454 in it, so a touch more weight over the nose than the AMC 360

I have a go fast '97 XJ with custom valved Fox's from Accutune. So I'm familiar with that approach, but can't afford it on this truck.

So bilstein "off the shelf" valving as many know is 170/60, 255/70 or 360/80. To me because it's not custom to your application it can be boiled down to soft, medium, hard.

My front Rancho springs are 300 lb/in. Not sure on the stock rears (which may have an AAL thrown in soon). 295/75R16 AT's, dana 44 front/dana 60 rear. Truck will weigh more than 4500 lbs, less than 5000 lbs.

I want to disconnect my sway bar, air down to 12 psi and be able to cruise down some moderate trails with friends and my brother as fast as 30 mph fairly comfortably. I also want it to be a good daily driver. What valving would you guys go with front and rear.

Old pic with smaller tires
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