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Hello, I am selling a 1987 Suzuki Samurai. I've owned this baby for over a year and planned to transform it into a mean crawling beast.

Location: Miami, FL
Price: $2000 obo

For pictures, questions and details please PM me.

Interior has been completely redone, I personally emptied it and installed:

- Brand new black carpeting
- Seat rails and aluminum adapters for the racing bucket seats (very comfortable seats, they supported my back like no other car seat has ever done)
- Diamond Plate Panel Kit
- Alpine CD Player
- Brand New Bazooka EL Series Speakers (5.25" front - 4"x6" rear) wired with Monster Cable
- Aluminum Shift Knob
- Sporty Grant GT Steering Wheel
- Several OEM Interior parts replaced (glove compartment, gauge cluster pieces etc...)

Check out rocky-road.com/suzuki.html and you'll be able to recognize most of the parts I bought for my Sammy and get an idea of how much money I have invested into it.

This Baby runs strong, engine revs happily, gearbox shifts smoothly into all the gears, no leaks I can think of. I have personally flushed the engine and transmission when I got it, changed spark plugs, wires, distributor coil, air filter, fuel filter and cleaned the carburator. Battery was replaced with a brand new unit as well (still has warranty), the Alternator happily puts out in excess of 14 volts.

This vehicle is almost perfect! Is there anything that needs to be done?
Let's say that it could use a fresh coat of paint. This Sammy was born 'Pink', yes Suzuki produced some of their Samurais in 'Pink'. The previous owner had it professionally painted in white, the job was done very well (even in the engine bay) and the bad pink memories are visible only if you really go look for them, mainly under the dash anyways. The paint on hood, rool bar and interior is still good, however there is an area on both sides begging for a clean coat of white. The A/C doesn't work, air doesn't come out of the vents at all. I think it's an electrical problem, because the compressor is not seized and the electric blower fan spins when powered manually. Rust is a known enemy for Sammies, but this one is incredibly solid and clean. There were a few rust spots in the interior paneling, and I completely sand-blasted them, treated them with a special anti-rust chemical and primed before installing the new carpeting (I have some pics of this process, I can email if requested). There are still a few rust spots that can be seen when the doors are opened, by the windshield and by the rear door, but they are not major at all and can be easily fixed.

So why am I selling this Baby if it's so well maintained for its age and has so many extras and efforts from my side? Well, I've come to a point where I am unable to further finance the project, I had big plans like swapping the 1.3l with a 1.6l from a Suzuki Vitara or Chevy Tracker, raise it, install some large tires and more but I've got some priorities now and I would hate seeing this beauty sitting in the garage undriven. I've invested on it over $1500 after purchasing it, the interior is spotless, the exterior is nice, drive as it it or upgrade the suspension and powerplant to have even more fun with it. It has a BRAND NEW top, PLUS the old one which is in pretty good conditions and can be cut to make a custom half top. Electrical system works good, horn contact should be cleaned because it doesn't always beep. Original steering wheel, EXTRA valve cover (for you to paint and swap) and rear-right fender flare (it just came off but it's in good shape) will all be included.

Vehicle Condition

Please refer to the above for full details. Interior is extremely nice, completely redone! Mechanically runs great, revs happily, shifts smoothly in all gears. 4WD cluster light is on at all times, perhaps the sensor should be reseated. FULL tune-up has been performed. Brand NEW top, old top is clean and will be included. Paintjob solid, however could use another coat of white on the sides. Bumpers could be sanded down and repainted black. I hope I covered everything, for any question please feel free to contact me, I answer all emails as quickly as possible. Wanna see a detail not visible in the pics I posted? Just ask and I will send you custom pictures!

Terms of Sale

Please ask all questions. All sales are final. Buyer must pay for and arrange shipping. I am willing to drive the Sammy to a vehicle shipping facility local to me if necessary, or a truck can be sent to my address and I will help load this baby on it. Thank you for viewing my thread, please take care of my Sammy!

For pictures, questions and details please PM me.
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