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1988 Toy p/u, SAS, bobbed, 6.5 lift, fresh rebuild, in WY PICS Trade?

NO PARTING OUT!!!! Ok, here it is. I am about to graduate school here in 8 weeks and my wife and I may need the money to move back home. Located in Laramie, WY will meet within a reasonable difference. PICS UP!!

1988 Toyota p/u single cab 5 speeds 4x4 has power steering, no a/c, all the interior is still there, has cd player, roughly 195K orig. miles.


Fresh SAS swap, est. lift about 6.5 inches, I made this lift beefy (I can fabricate so no worries on quality ;)

FULLY rebuilt 85 yota axle using TG rebuilt kit, all new seals and bearings except wheel bearings. I beleive it has a locker (both wheels turned same direction when locked but I have not had a chance to test due to no front dirveshaft)

TG high steer set-up,installed BRAND NEW!!

Ranco 3" lift springs on front and rear

TG greasable harware and shackles up front

TG stainless brake lines all the way around

I just finished repairing a blown HG, heres a list of all the new crap I put on it.The shortblock was A ok and pulled 145 psi each cylinder within 1 psi and I am at 7200 ft!

Freshly machined rebuilt original head (shaved only .004), new springs, retainers, valves.

ALL NEW GASKETS including METAL head gasket, exhaust gaskets, water and oil pump etc.

NEW steel guide timing chain and sprockets

NEW oil pump with hub gear

NEW water pump

NEW plugs and wires

NEW cap and rotor

LC Engineering EGR block off kit.

NEW fuel filter (these are a bitch to get to otherwise so I said what the hell...)

NEW injector cushion rings and o rings, injectors were also cleaned

all parts were hot tanked before reasembly including the intake. Engine looks new, only thing I forgot to hot tank was the valve cover

Ok, the body

The truck as it sits is 3 different colors. The front portion, fenders hood and cab is original and is blue. The top of the cab has been poorly repaired, it looks like they slid undeer something or rolled over in the snow but the previous owner fixed it good enough to get the front windshield in it. The cab looks fine thought except for teh top portion. i had originally planned to hammer and dolly it. I also had planned to put in a sunroof (which I will include with the truck). The doors are white but in really good shape (roll up windows).

The bed is bobbed 12 inches and is gray. It has a few spots of rust on teh drver side but I cleaned and painted them to inhibit the spread. Totally fixable.

Ok, the bad.....Needs shocks and mounts in the front and rear ( I have the front mounts I made but needs to be welded) needs a new rear driveshaft due to the recent lift, the stock one is too short and slightly vibrates between 15 and 25 mph due to the yoke but still easily drivable at highway speeds. Also the truck currently has no front driveshaft. Funds are low so I never got around to making one. I will include 2 double cardan front driveshafts to make one with. Also the truck is still sitting on 31's, looks a little goofy but hey, Im poor.


2 GOOD COMPLETE rear toyota axles one with locker, not sure if it is welded or an acutal locker though, never looked. The axle with a locker is an older style, the other one is a wide axle like on the newer ifs trucks.

2 double cardan driveshafts (one to make front DS)

various doo dads that I accumulated during this project, stock parts, IFS parts

Also I still have teh original bed with a black fiberglass topper on it that is included ( the bed is rusty but the topper is in good shape worth at least $150)


PLEASE EMAIL if interested [email protected]

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bump for pics :)

ALSO I will trade for a nice 16 foot trailer plus cash. Open to other things too , Im needing a nice welder, MIG and TIG and a pipe bender and plasma. I would be willing to trade for anyone of those if nice enough (obviously I wont trade for just a pipe bender) be realistic :)

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88' Tonka Toy said:
that is alot what i am looking for but need to get rid of my runner first and you are a bit far away
well let me know, we might could work something out. I am going throug nebraska in June when we move, there are a few other people interested and i would offer partial delivery if somone wants to meet me off of our main route thru Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas.
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