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(Cliffs notes: $10k firm unless you want to wrap up the last details)

1990 4runner
30k miles on rebuilt 3.0, runs amazing (don't be dumb... until you do some research)
turbo 5spd R151
dual stock gear cases, rear has twin stick
hydro assist
new 9500lb xrc winch
new allied steel beadlocks
well used 38.5 sxs... still lots of driving/wheelin left on them... 50%

front axle: v6 3rd. 5.29 ARB, Longs, toy hubs, highsteer
rear axle: Ifs width v6 3rd 5.29 Detroit

front suspension: rubicon yj spring over springs. bilstein shocks... bumped and strapped

Rear suspension: 3 link with right angle wishbone (retains stock tank) progressive TJ rear coils on adjustable mounts. Big body RS 9000s 12" travel ... bumped and strapped.
currie antirock tj front sway bar

beefy sliders.
front bumper will be pretty tough before sold
rear bumper has some more tubework to go on it.

It's almost done. Everything underneath and the protection will be gloss black shortly.... I'm working on putting a new belt on the ac comp to see what all it needs to work again.

The engine never gets warm. We took it to fordyce on the 27th... if it would ever get warm it would have been on the rattlesnake rd climb... not at all. I guess I'm used to the problems of heavily modified engines lol I built it out of a bunch of parts i had (and some new stuff) to help finance building my new shop. Don't low ball me please. If you have $1200 in your toyota, that's awesome, but you're paying for my work and lay out here a little. The parts would add up pretty seriously too.

Goes down the road very well considering the tires and the fact that I haven't made an attempt to balance them.

I'm offering the vehicle at $10k firm finished (a little more fab, rattle can work, smog and paint.)

If you want to come get it on a trailer (not registered for street at the moment... it's dual registered and green sticker expires this month) feel free to make me an offer a little lower but not much.

thanks for looking
hang tight for pics.... they're on my phone, I'm on the computer
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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