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Well instead of finishing this car I guess I am going back to rock crawling.If there is no interest as a whole package I will probably sell it by pieces.It is a 1990 boxtop that was originally a 5.0 that was maroon.I stripped the whole car and painted it royal blue pearl inside and out.Put a 3.27 gear in with the girdle cover.Moser 5 lug axles,UPR Pro race kit,torque box reinforcement kit,welded axle tubes,and a race lite spool.The front has the UPR k member with the tubular A arms and some 175lb springs on.The whole bottom of the car was stripped and reundercoated.And under hood,firewall and even behind the fenders is all body color.It has brand new replica saleen style black chrome wheels with 275-35-18 in back and 245-35-18 up front.Car still has power steering rack on it.And was a 5 speed car.It sits like this as a roller.

Here are the parts that will come with it.
1.A 351 Dart Iron Eagle block 4.125 bore With internally balanced eagle rotating assembly.JE dished pistons.Hellfire rings,Cometic head gaskets,And a comp cams custom ground hydraulic roller for boost.The heads are AFR 225 with 72cc chambers.Crane gold 1.7 roller rockers.ARP head studs.I think the final compression was 8.7 to 1.I have all receipts and paper work and the number of the guy who done this motor for me.

2.A powerglide trans that is still stock.The guy that has always done my transmissions in the past told me to get this one and I can`t remember exactly why but I got it.But it will have to be built to take the punishment I was planning on.

3.I also have a Tremec TKO 600 with scattershield and pro 5.0 shifter that I ran behind my 5.0 in this car.It has less than 5k miles on it.

4.An HP Performance single kit for 5.0 that was upgraded to race (76mm/.96AR) turbo everything that came with.Electronic boost controller etc.Receipt on kit was over $6k.I have it too.

5.A Accel Gen 7 standalone computer too.Box and paper work on it as well.

6.Crane Fireball ignition box and coil.

I think that is it but I am sure I probably forgot something.Anyways if you have any questions call or text would probably be best and I will keep checking back.I am asking $16,500 for everything or possible partial trades.828-553-4597
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