recently completed rubicon trail -
video here:

1600cc 8v Doug Thorley CARB header
5 speed manual
Passes smog no issues
Fully optioned from factory P/S P/B A/C sport interior – xlnt cond.
Tow bar included - all lighting wired for “toad”
I bought this a couple years ago from 2nd owner who added many of the aftermarket items listed. All owners have used this as a “Toad” so little miles on drivetrain. The previous owner had it maintained by his fleet mechanic (he owned a construction company) so meticulous maintenance records were maintained and all work was done by shop. Although well prepped for off road it was used as a hunting vehicle.
Since my ownership I have upgraded the suspension to Altered Ego 4” system – added SYE to transfer case and Tom Woods rear driveshaft.
Rebuilt ECU with 5 year warranty + 1 spare
Added lockers to F/R and rare 5:68 r/p and new Milestar Patagonia M/T tires (31”)
8K winch mounted on hitch so its easily removed when not needed
Anderson 200amp connector built into grill – plug and play any 12v device
The transfer case is rebuilt using 421 gears and trail tough twin stick
Undercarriage lighting
Fully skid plated front to rear
Bluetooth radio with satellite XM
A sleep platform is included that retains the rear seats while in use – A person under 6’ can sleep INSIDE with this setup.
See pics for details.
Along with the truck I am including many spares and additional HD parts including a rare steel front differential housing / F/R axles /5:13 R/P gear set (on carriers) larger rear brakes – the list goes on….
All the upgrades since my ownership have less the 5k miles – including the tires.
The reason for the sell is I am no longer needing a “toad” (flat tow behind RV)
I do regularly use it as my daily driver as it gets great mileage (20-22 mpg