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1991 Suburban 6.2 turbo 6" 1 tons w/ 37s LBody work done $4,500!!!

Well, the time has come to get a new project. I'm not sure why I can't be happy with one thing for a long time but I work and work and then move on to something else. We are going to miss this rig but the army will be moving us soon and we just can't take it with us.

Here are the details.

1991 GMC Suburban. Loaded with factory options. Power everything! Came with the dealer option BANKS SIDEWINDER TURBO. If you've ever driven a 6.2 liter, this has a little more power but its still a diesel so don't expect to drag race your buddies 454.

Here is what I've done

6" Alcan springs Custom made for this rig. (Alcan spring factors in the weight of the vehicle and all accessories plus the gear you expect to carry on the trail then, then makes the spring for the desired ride height.

1 tons from a CUCV (I pulled them myself) 4.56 gears , rear detroit locker, open front. ROCKCRUCHER diff covers front and rear.

For the front axle, I've installed ORD crossover steering. It as the new HD tie rod from ORD and the Stage II HYDRO Ram from Red Neck Ram. Also on the front is a steering box brace from ORD.

On the rear axle, I removed the old perches and installed new perches to mach the spring width. I also set the pinion angle to go with the CV shaft from TOM WOODS CUSTOM Drive shaft. It also had a GUARDSMAN Pinion Guard from DIY4X

The rear brake shoes are new. The Front Brakes are new Rotors, calipers, pads, and a KP rebuild.

The front bumper is from Blazen Offroad and holds a WARN 12K. It comes complete with cover and controller. The cable is new.

The rear bumper was built by me and probably worth a grand by itself. It has a swing out tire carrier and a swivel pintle hitch plus a 2 inch receiver tube.

I've kept up with all the maintenance and the tranny was rebuilt about 6 thousand miles ago. I rebuilt the Transfer case (NP241) about 3 weeks ago because it was leaking. I installed a TC skid and a new tranny mount.

The interior is really nice for its age. The AC needs to be charged. I've put in a new Pioneer head unit with an iPod controller. The Speedo is spot on with actual speed. (checked with GPS) I'd drive it to California today. Its a really reliable rig and probably has 100K before it needs rebuild. Its got 191 on the clock right now and runs strong.

The nice thing about a diesel is it doesn't lean out or get rich on angles like some carborated rigs. Also, when your buddies are revving up to get over an obstacle, you'll be idling up. Its a torque hog. Probably around 350 ft/lbs. It has a block heater for the winter. I've got the original window sticker and previous title.
Now the sad part is the body work it needs. There are some pretty good dings in the passenger side where she leaned up against a tree and the same on the left rear panel. I have no clue how to do body work but I'm told they are simple fixes. There is rust on the bottom of the body but it could use some fender trimming anyway.

The wheels and tires are H2s with the new (less than 100 miles on them) BFG K2 Mud Terrains. They are killer but they are pricey.

I have lots of pics and can talk about it lots

PM me with email and a number


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It tows light loads fine, I have a Pop-Up camper that comes in at about 2K lbs and it does alright. Its not racing up the hills but the engine stays below 200 and the EGT stays about 900. I didn't build the bumper to tow muc hmore than that. It would need some reinforcements to be a real tow vehicle.
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