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1992 3/4ton 4x4
6.5 turbo diesel.
Ok so my buddies truck is having 4x4 problems. Thought I'd ask the pirate nation what they think the problem is.
This is his text to me ((1/2) Somthin with the gears i think when i pop it in 4wd it shakes and and ratlles a lot feels like it doesnt want to lock in but it goes into 4wd doesnt want (2/2) to come back out last time i used it i had to shut it off unplug the realay switch push it and plug it back in to get it into 2wd again)
Il be able to tell you more this weekend when I look at it, just want to see what you guys think I should be looking for.
Sorry for any grammar errors I posted this on my phone.
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