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Located in Bay Area, California. Price is 14k.

6cyl auto TF999
Allied beadlocks on 39" iroks
Front dana 60 4:88 ARB Dedenbear knuckles 35s spline chromo Yukon axles
rear 14 bolt 4:88 ARB chrome axles ( yup chromo )
Atlas 3.8 large outputs
High Angle one ton drive lines ( new )
106" wheelbase
PSC hydro assist steering
custom rear 17 gallon tank that fits in stock location
Front custom Alcan springs (flexes amazing)
drives down the freeway at 65 if you want to drive to the trail or load it up on a trailer and bounce it off the rocks, wheels amazing, your grandma can drive this thing down the trail.

might trade for early scout or bronco something streetable or even stock
1 - 20 of 24 Posts
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