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!994 Susuki Sidekick 16v engine with car for transport. All wiring intact, 5sp manual 2wd. The car was rearended, estimate exceeded value I kept and sued and won. The damage was limited to the fuel tank safety bar(which I replaced, and some scuffs to the bumper cover. Details, engine was overhauled about 12-15000 mile ago, all reciepts available Remanufactured head, new rings(pistons within overhaul limits), burns no oil! The car would be used for transportation of the engine to your location, due to the car having a salvage stipulation attached to the title. This would be an excellent donor engine for a Samurai transplant upgrade, which was why I originally bought it. Just for reference the car damage was limited to the fuel tank safety bar(replaced) and bumper cover(still scuffed), all of the fenders, body parts are used but not damaged from the rearender, interior is ok carpets, ok. the driver seat back was bent rearward, I bent it back and drove it for another 6-8 months. Pictures are available and readily sent.
Price.....$750.00, Located near Santa Cruz,CA, south of San Francisco, CA
PM. me
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