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The big items
1995 NO OBDII testing..
7.4l (454) TBI
4L80e 4 speed auto
14b FF Rear w/4.10s
245x75r16 tires
Factory tow package, aux. trans cooler.
7 prong trailer wiring

currently has mismatched (blue) camper top/cap helps with towing. Will keep if you don't want it..
Power seats, power lumbar, power windows
A/C fixed blows 48deg...

The list of new parts since I've owned it.. over 2years/past ~10k miles.
NEW Alum. Radiator w/ tranny cooler and oil cooler.
NEW Oil cooler lines.
NEW aux cooler fan
NEW Water pump (New HD highflow, not reman)
misc hoses
New Idle solenoid thing
New Knock sensor
New Coolant Temp sensor
New New 180deg thermostat
NEW serp belt + idler pully
NEW Alternator (not reman)
Entire new front suspension, ball joints, bushings, ALL steering parts are MOOG tie rods, pitman, MOOG Problem solver idler arm, etc. AND alingment
Front calipers/pads and brake hoses
Low milage rear axle swapped in. When that was done, i replaced wheel cylinders and wheel seals. (shoes and drums like new)
NEW rear brake hose
NEW both rear e-brake cables
Wiper motor and linkage
Front plastic head lamps and bulbs.
Fuel pump (in tank high pressure pump in 94/95s)
Drive shaft U-joints and carrier bearing
NEW class 5 receiver hitch
NEW valve cover gaskets
power steering pump and pressure line (inline filter added also)
Brake master.
Optima Battery
Also included. clip on towing mirrors

Tranny 4l80e -
Rebuilt last year, HD tow converter, TransGo HD2 Shift kit, (full kit w/ internals) ALL new internal sensors, and wiring.
Hughes 4qt (extra) cast alum. trans oil pan, w/ temp guage

The truck has high milage, but the drive train and most other parts have been swapped/replaced. Motor is not original. It doesn't burn any oil with normal driving and only .25 qt after 1000 miles towing. Zero smoke on start up. You can test drive it and beat on it until your satisfied. Run any tests you like. Bring your compression gauge etc.. pull the valve cover etc..

This truck would be a great first tow rig... I have the asking price in parts.

I will part the truck if the bigger items are spoken for (w/ deposit):
Engine (complete) $1500
Harness $300
Tranny $1000
Rear axle $300
Box/gate $300

Will trade or partial trade for ????? What ya got ???


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Price lowered to 3k

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