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Just kind of curious to see if anyone is interested. 96 Turbo’d Cherokee clean title. 10k Raleigh Illinois

Hp Dana 44 front, grizzly locker, Chromoly shafts, 5.13 gears, hydro assist steering

Ford 9” rear with spool and 5.13 gears

38” swampers with around 80 percent tread on diy beadlocks

Rustys 8.5 long arm with transfer case skid and sye

Frame stiffners, rc rear quarter panel armor, tree kickers, front and rear bumpers, cage on the inside (it’s tight), led headlights

Durango alternator

Heat works, ac works, drives decent down the road but isn’t a Cadillac. I drive it around here and when I need it otherwise I only wheel it I’ve had it for about 2 years.

Last fall I had the head redone, installed new lifters, new water pump, new radiator, condenser, and thermostat

This past winter it got a gt35 turbo, 36lb injectors, gm 2 bar map, and I tuned it on 10lb. I converted the mech fan to a Ford Taurus single fan all plumbed into the factory wiring and fan speeds adjusted with hp tuners. Override switch in the cab.

Winch doesn’t go with it. I do have another set of white doors. I ended up hitting both driver front and rear doors on our New Year’s Day wheeling adventure.

I will say that the motor has quite a bit of blow by, but still runs fine. I have another motor that I will include that has been bored .060 over, and didn't have that many miles on the rebuild. I bought it off of a buddy of mine (no paperwork), but it has a high volume oil pump in it, fairly new rod and main bearings. I did a leakdown on it after I bought it and it was dang near perfect on all cylinders. I have several extra parts that will go with it. I have a new gasket set for this motor to put the head off of the current motor onto this one, I have a brand new WJ power steering pump, ARP head studs, I installed a new water pump on this motor already, and was going to transition over my head and lifters as they were just redone last fall. I have a few different wastegate springs, and a few other odds and ends.

Let me know of any questions you may have.

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