The time has come to part with my truck, only selling because I have a baby on the way. Extended cab, 4x4, 7.3l diesel, automatic transmission. Power windows and locks. I have a massive stack of receipts for everything on the truck. Including the original window sticker from the dealer in 1997. Engine is all original and unmolested. Never towed, never tuned, will never stop running. Runs and drives great as-is, I take it to work every Tuesday up I-35. Not very fast, but no hiccups. No rust, Texas truck. Text 817-301-2873 for more pictures.

Everything works great on the truck except the following:
  • Glow plugs are out (block heater works great)
  • Needs to idle for a few minutes before driving or else it will stall. Not sure why.
  • Locks do not work.
  • Slight lean to the passenger side (1”). Not sure why.
  • Radio
  • Parking brake needs adjustment.

What it needs:
  • Door panels
  • Dash pad
  • Radio
  • Maybe some suspension work?
  • Maybe fuel bowl?
  • Glow plugs
  • Valve cover seals
  • Hole patched for gooseneck

Aftermarket work:
  • Sky Offroad complete Super Duty axle and leaf spring conversion. Flipped and reversed front shackle, flipped rear shackle. All new suspension components.
  • Drop pitman arm.
  • 30gal Super Duty front tank. Plastic, won’t rust.
  • Fully rebuilt axles from 2004 Super Duty F-350 (full one-ton).
  • Fully rebuilt front and rear drive shafts.
  • All new Super Duty brake components