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i have a 97 4x4 4.0 xlt ranger i need to sell do to moving out of state, right now its a great dd but ready for a build, i just recently did a complete tune up and replaced the idle air control it has a jl 10, a new sony deck, the interior has normal wear and tear and it gas a brusk guard along with fiberworx 3.5 front fenders and black out headlights with projector inserts also wired to the high beam switch, i recently rebuilt the rear end! it currently sits on 33x12.5 bfg atl's that have some wear but i have 2 spares, also it has eagle rims that are 10 inches wide if i remember right...
the bads, has the normal 4.0 valve cover leak which is easily repairable and with the rear end being redone the front differential needs regeared to match the back, pics on request, make offers, also open to trades. So Cal
give me a call (951)285-9273 Andrew
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