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1997 Purple Supercharged 4Runner Stolen San Jose Last night.

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My 97 purple 4runner was stolen from my driveway last night at 6:10 pm. located by san Tomas Expwy and Payne. Has BUMP Coffee stickers on rear window as well as a toyoda sticker.
On the rear side windows, it has American reflective flags in both corners and section8krawlers stickers in lower rear corners with a 4runner mafia sticker in the upper corner. 3"lift with 33" Goodyear Duratracks leaf spring conversion rear and e locker tacoma axle. coilover front end with manual hubs.
It's still muddy from the last trip.https://photos.app.goo.gl/JIkBgKBv2bhJzidv2
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those pics aren't showing.

here ya go....


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The 4Runner has been recovered. It ended up hitting the back of a trailer and jumping into the bed and cab of a Silverado and finally slamming down on its side. Thanks for keeping an eye out.

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That sucks!! At least you got it back. I have both doors and a fender for cheap but I'm down south
Thanks, I don't know why I cant post the pics?
As for the 4runner its done it had a coolant leak from the back of the block ( rubber line) that I was planning on fixing this week but I don't know how long they drove it and if it even had coolant in it seeing as there was no coolant at the scene and it was not leaking from the ripped open radiator. also, the A-pillar and dash are pushed to the passenger side far enough that the dash and cluster are not matching up with the support. the front axle and frame have been pushed back too so it's more than I really want to mess with.
Thanks for the offer tho. but hopefully having full coverage will pay off.
So on to the next.
My Insurance Agents always tell me i shouldn't have full coverage on my cars since all 5 are 2006 or older
I can't see paying out of pocket for any of them if something happened.

my sons Tacoma was wrecked and they cut me a check for 9k untill they recovered it from the other person insurance a year later (long story)

I hope insurance treats you right and hope the criminals choke on Karma

Hate to see it in that condition.
Hate to read it was stolen.
Glad you got it back, but sorry of all the hassle and troubles!

God Bless,
David B.
were the perps caught?
were the perps caught?
Here's to hoping they're maimed or dead.
No, He tried to take a car at the scene and told people his mom was in the car so as they were looking for her he ran away. we called pd to see if they had anything and they said they are still investigating this.

Campbel made an arrest and received a full confession for the theft and crash of my 4runner. Not sure what's next for the guy but at least he is off the streets for now.
Karma is a bitch....glad they caught him
that sucks!! glad you got it back, hate the shape its in
Seems like if you were driving a stolen rig you'd want to be just a liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitle bit more careful .....

Sure looks blue from here .
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