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Hello all

Just starting to add some (3 or 4) gauges to my mainly stock 4runner.

Questions: (Assuming you've got the bottom dash cover off and the driver's side kick panel removed, and you're staring at the usual bunch of spaghetti in there...)

a) where's the best place to take a switched (ACC) 12v from? I've traced the +ve source from the ignition switch down to the loom, I know which cable goes into the first multi terminal. Do I tee from this cable, or do I go later on (further down)?

b) the best place to get an unswitched (always on) 12v? headlight/horn lines? run from the battery itself?

c) common earth/ground points - there's one behind the kick panel. Take this one and connect all -ves there? or route back to the firewall?

d) the gauge/instrument illumination lights - common ground with the other points? I want to use a 5A fuse buss for the +ve bulb wires. Do I take the input to the buss from downstream of the instrument light dimmer potentiometer?

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