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2.5 Ton Rockwells(2 Fronts)

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2.5 Ton Rockwells(2 Fronts) with PICS --Motivated-- Willing to Trade

2 Front ends off a 2.5 Ton truck. Pretty sure they are the ujoint style, came right off of the duece and sitting in my garage since. They have not been modified, in original condition, looks clean. Will ship at buyers expense, will remove brake drums to lower weight etc. Will drive to meet, very flexible, just better bring a crew to move them. Will include 2 stock drive shafts. Will post pics later on. Located in Southern Maryland, hour south of DC.

Looking for $1000 OBO, plus shipping.
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I'll make you an offer..... case of beer and a punch in the left side of your head for not getting this thing done. I'll be up to your place in the next couple of days. BTT for you :flipoff2:
RockwelledToyota said:
I'm still interested and have people in MD. If you let me know something today I will have them gone THIS weekend.
Probably a good idea to email him as well.. ;)

I'll try to give him a call for you.
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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