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I have to Diablo Sport tuners for 03-05 Cummins diesels. The first is the Predator, plugs in under the dash. Three settings,

Tow: 60hp/120lb ft.
Economy: 100hp/170lb ft
Extreme: 160hp/230lb ft.

Also have the Power Puck that you can stack on top of the Predator, it's selectable at the flip of a switch, three settings, one being stock:

60hp/100lb ft
90hp/180lb ft

Definetly recommend running a bigger exhaust, we ran 5" turbo back into 7" stack. These things kick ass, definetly adds a TON of power and you can still get good MPG, our 03 was consistently getting 20mpg.

Looking to get $250 for the Predator and $150 for the Puck. Buy them together and take them for $400 shipped. Please email me at [email protected] Items are located in Virden, IL 62690
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