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Toyota Landcruiser Leaf Springs, FJ40 and FJ60

I have two complete sets of leaf springs. One set came off of my '78 FJ40, and the other came off my '84 FJ60.

Both trucks got spring over lifts a while back and I have been storing these in my garage.

The FJ40 springs are a 2" lift spring. I think they are Skyjacker but only because the PO was running Skyjacker shocks. With a slightly longer than stock shackle I ran 35s for about 2 years.

The FJ60 springs I think are also aftermarket the PO had OME shackles and shocks but I can't say definitively they are OME. The ride was nice and I was running 32s with no problems before the spring over.

I would like $100 per set. They are located in SLC, UT.

Pics to follow...

FJ40 Springs

FJ60 Srpings
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