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I am selling 2 CJ-5s together, You're welcome to split them up after purchase but I don't wish to. Both are AZ titled in my name. 1 is a 1955 tailgate jeep. Prev. owner started a resto & repower then quit. The front frame rails are boxed. the body is rust free. All of the brake lines are out but has a tandem MC on the firewall. No engine, trans nor TC. Comes with GM SB bellhousing, clutch, FW, pressure plates, V-6 square port intake and 2 TQ carbs. Bellhousing has an adaptor to the original Jeep 3 spd trans. Axles are 5.13, offset Dana 44 rear, 30 front. Brakes, drums & studs are new. Also included is a Warn PTO to run a PTO winch off of the missing Dana 18 TC.

2nd CJ is a 1979. Engine is a running 304 2V with a 3 Spd trans, headers with turbos, fairly new starter & alternator. Jeep has a 4" Rancho lift kit, Rancho shocks, and oversized all steel aftermarket gas tank. Radiator needs one upper seam soldered. New LED taillights but the wiring was apparently messed with by a tweaker, so what is & isn't working & why is a big mystery. Fenders are cut. Minor rust. Steering needs to be changed to a crossover because of the lift. As is often the case with a poorly done lift, the Jeep turns left but with the gear off-centered by the short drag link, not so much to the right. Rear brake hose is too short also because of he lift. Frame mounted hitch. Windshield is starred from the middle out. Axles are the corporate rear and 30 front. Brakes are not new but recent. Seats need replacement, Comes with the folding back seat & 2 CJ 7 vinyl doors to keep the cactus and Acacia out of your face.
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