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Hey Guys.
I'm selling 2 of my laptops right now. I work for HP so i get some pretty cool deals.

1. HP omnibook 900b, PIII 500MHz, 320MB RAM 10GB HDD, floppy drive, wall charger, car charger, carrying case. comes loaded with XP Pro and Office 2k Pro. asking $450 for the whole thing

2. HP Pavilion N3350. AMD K6-2 550MHz processor, 128MB Ram, 30GB HDD, DVD-ROM, floppy, car and wall charger, case. still under Best Buy warranty til Sept 31 2003. Brand new battery. also comes loaded with windows xp and Office 2k.
asking $600 complete

both are great laptops that haven't been used much. if you have any questions call me at (925) 518-9570 or email [email protected]. and I will work a deal for both!
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