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2 sets of 41x14.50r20 radial iroks

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just throwin it out there 2 sets of 41x14.50r20 for sale. 1 set on rims.

1 set has about 25% and are mounted on a set of 20x9 or 10. chrome is peeling off the wheels but they are worth theyre weight in scrap. SOLD

the other set is 50-75% tread. they were on a street truck and all 4 got knifed. they were repaired using semi truck tire patches. so ill say $400 obo for this set
contact doug at 530-828-5286
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its not a close up but just to give you an idea

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Can you strap them to pallets and drop them off at a terminal?
its 8 tires and 4 wheels. prob 2 pallets and the nearest terminal is 2 hours away
How much for just the 4 75% tires off the wheels....I need 6 lug wheels so no use for the 8-lugs....pm me interested live local
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