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hey! I’m just building my own hybrid motor and wanted to ask a question. A little background info to go with it: I have an old tired 20r motor in my 78 pickup. She’s a tired old girl and drinks about a quart of straight 40 oil per week. I’m half expecting to pull the engine and there won’t be any rings at all in it (joking obviously). But plain and simple, I’ve been limping her along until I get my 22r block back from the shop. They checked it and cleaned it and it already has .027 of wear on it. So they decided to bore it .040 over. Thats Fine by me. I decided to do the hybrid because I just bought a brand new 20r head when I got the truck because the old one was pitted beyond repair. So I was just going to put the new 20r head with the 22r aluminum rockers on the 22r block (it’s an 83 block) and take the double row timing chain from the 20r and slap that puppy on there too. Now for my question to you guys before I buy all my rebuild parts:

- can I FOR SURE used Early 22r dome topped pistons and they will not hit the stock 20r valves (with stock cam)?

It looks like that’s what usually people use so that compression is higher, but I’m also running across occasional stories of valves making contact. This could be because of oversized valves or a performance cam, but that’s why I’m checking. I don’t plan on oversized valves or on a performance cam. I get that it would help With performance, but that’s just not in the books at this point.

Thanks guys! I appreciate your input.
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