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I recently took possession of a 2000 chevrolet tracker 2dr 4x4 from my father in law who had it laying around and gave it to me as a project to get running and basically turn into a little offroad vehicle to take my 2 young children out in the woods since they love going with him in his older '94 tracker. He got it from a friend who had it basically in a junkyard. The rear driveshaft was laying on the floor in the back and when i cleaned all the rust off the slip yoke it was clear that the yoke is pretty much destroyed. I crawled underneath and looked at the transfer case and clearly some type of malfunction happened. Part of the transfer case that is around the output shaft basically snapped off all the way around.

I've found a replacement transfer case on ebay but finding a slip yoke that is the same is proving to be quite difficult at a reasonable price. Does anyone have any idea where I might be able to find one online or if there's another vehicle that used the same yoke? It has 14 splines and there are two different gaps inside. Basically kind of a keyed yoke if you will. Or is there possibly some type of yoke eliminator for this model that anyone is aware of?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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