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Well I haven't been in the tournament circuit for a while now, and between college and my jeep I just no longer have the time for the sport. Whats all for sale:

*2001 Stock Black Angel LCD
*Gone through in 2003 and had most internals replaced including board, battery, etc.
*2 Red Twisted Volumizers
*Red Acrylic grips
*Red DYE breechknob
*Red backplate
*Red ball detent
*Red Lower Reg
*Red Dye Sightrail
*Ark Angel Stick trigger with an INSANE trigger job
*Custom Red/Black Punisher Emblem (in place of stock "A")
*Red Midrise Chris Lasoya feed neck
*Red CP board buttons

The gun includes:
*12" Freak Barrel system (Red annodized back, AA tip)..missing blue insert
*DYE boomstick
*Stock Barrel
*Car Charger
*JT Ize Mask (needs new lens)
*Air America Armageddon 88/4500 air system (needs to be rehydroed, I can do that if needed) and RASE tank cover
*2 JT Jerseys
*RAGE extreme 7 pod pack (5 pods included)
* 2 12V revvy hoppers, one has no motor, other (Red to black Fade) has X-board and aftermarket paddle
* Locally made Paintball bag that could easily hold the gear of two people (I could fit all my equipment which includes back up marker w/ equip. and two cases of paint and STILL have room)

I will throw in misc. things that arent listed (such as macro-line setup for the tane and gun, etc.) This is a killer setup that is incredibly accurate, even when throwing 15+ BPS. I really really hate to let this go as it was my baby, but I must. Im asking $450 for the whole setup.I might possibly be willing to talk. PM me or my email is offroadingjeeper @yahoo.com

Some pics :smokin: :

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