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2001 Ford Excursion 4x4. Limited, Leather, 7.3L diesel. 191K on it. Runs perfect.

X code / B code springs. Brand new 285/75r16 E Rated Hankook Dynapro A/Ts. Less than 1000mi on them.

DP-Tuner 7 position chip
Pos 0-No start
Pos 1-Stock
Pos 2-80hp DD
Pos 3-80hp Mountain driving
Pos 4-100hp Performance
Pos 5-80hp Towing
Pos 6-65hp Towing
Pos 7-Decel mode(engages exhaust brake for downhill decent towing)

DIY 6637 Intake
triple gauges on A-pillar (tranny temp, boost, EGTs)
Diamond Eye 4" DP and Exhaust. MBRP Resonator.
New glow plugs
Pioneer 2400BT double din in dash DVD player.
13" Fold down monitor.
Stereo system consists of six 6x8 Focal speakers.
Power everything.

In the last 15K:
New Ball joints
New Roadrunner triple disc Billet torque converter
New flex plate
New Batteries
New BTS highflow tranny pump
New door lock actuators (all of them)
Tru-cool transmission cooler
New steering box
New tie rod ends
New X Code/B Code springs (2" of lift)
New o-rings in oil cooler
Hellwig rear sway bar
New windshield
Rebuilt fuel bowl

A/T was replaced at 104K with a NEW Ford Heavy Duty 4r100. Its been great since I have owned. I swapped the new torque converter and pump into it myself. It shifts perfectly. In the tow modes, it allows you to lock up the torque converter below 40mph. You just manually shift the tranny into 1st or 2nd. Let off the pedal until it locks and then pull. This makes it very easy to keep tranny temps down. I have used this running into Area BFE in Moab. Tranny never got hotter than 210* pulling up there at 20mph. And, it was 95* that day.

The pass side seat has a tear in the limited stitching.
The rear hatch doors had Alpine subs in the door panels. They were heavy and pulling apart from the doors. I pulled them as the stereo sounds good enough without them. I will include the panels though. I still have them.
Small dent on front DS fender from previous owner.
Overhead computer is out. I have seen easy fixes on this and may do it by the time it sells.

No Rust
No Leaks
No Problems

This Excursion has been maintained its entire life. I have a large file of receipts before I bought it. I do all of my own work and have built several 7.3L Powerstrokes like this. I am just finishing up my OBS dually powerstroke and will be using it for towing purposes. I know these trucks inside and out. I love this Excursion, but with my wife working nights I want a gasser grocery getter now for her. The tranny was replaced already with Ford's "heavy Duty" 4R100. Then I did the torque converter and highflow pump. Ford also replaced the injectors, radiator, and turbo. I have the receipts on this as well.

Excursion is located in Windsor, CO about an hour north of Denver. And, yes I would drive it anywhere in the country immediately.




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