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you would actually believe someone at a Dealership??? are you stupid??? if your judgement says something is wrong, then get an opinion from someone who would profit from working on the vehicle.
Plus a SEARCH would have revealed a thread from last week stating there are many different options on the front axle of a WJ... you should post these if you want any help. :confused:

BTW... its spelled "whining"

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any WJ info is found at http://www.wjjeeps.com/tsb.htm#0300101
good luck on keeping an exceptional vehicle running for many years

here's some examples of what you can find:

Date: 07/21/00

Bulletin # 030500

Model year(s): 1999-2000 (vehicles with V8 only)

Description: This bulletin involves the replacement of the front propshaft, axle yoke, and transfer case yoke. This bulletin also involves selectively erasing and reprogramming the Transmission Control Module or TCM (with calibration 99Ver9.0 or 00Ver9.0), and if necessary, reprogramming the Powertrain Control Module or PCM (with calibration 99Cal19A or 00Cal16A).

Details: The customer may experience powertrain related sound(s) which may be described as front axle whine or as 2,200 to 2,400 engine rpm moan. One or both sounds may be noticed at the same time or separately during different modes of driving. The front axle whine-like sound may occur during any vehicle speed and during acceleration, coast, or float driving modes. The moan-like sound will normally occur when the transmission is in top gear (overdrive) and the engine is running between speeds of 2,200 to 2,400 rpm. The moan-like sound will normally fade in and out (beat) while the throttle is held in a steady state or when the throttle is being depressed to accelerate the vehicle. The beat may increase in frequency as the engine speed increases. The moan-like sound will not occur if the transmission is shifted to a lower gear (overdrive button depressed) or if the throttle is released. A revised front propeller shaft addresses the whine-like sound from the front axle area. The revision to the TCM software adds a final gear ratio to the transmission. This new final gear ratio will cause a substantial reduction in the moan-like sound. Any remaining sound will occur at higher vehicle speeds.

Parts required:
1x 05019624AA Yoke, front axle pinion (FBI 186 / Mdl 30)
1x 05017755AA Nut, pinion gear
2x J3240553 Strap, front pinion yoke to single cardan universal joint
4x J4006928 Bolt, front pinion yoke strap
1x 05019514AA Yoke, transfer case front (NV-247 or NV-242HD transfer case)
4x 06034966 Bolt, transfer case yoke to double cardan universal joint
1x 05019616AA Propshaft, front (4.7L w/NV-247 or NV-242HD transfer case)
2x 04669020 Label, Authorized Software Update
1x 04275086 Label, Authorized Modification

Date: 09/14/01

Bulletin # 0300101A (supercedes 0300101 dated 02/02/01)

Model year(s): 1999-2001

Description: Some customers may experience a powertrain related sound which may be described as front axle whine.

Details: Applies to vehicles equipped with a 4.0L engine, A four wheel drive system, and built prior to Dec 15 2000. This bulletin involves the replacement of the front propeller shaft and front axle yoke.

Parts required:
1x 52105884AA Propshaft, Front.
1x 05019624AA Yoke, Front axle pinion.
1x 05017755AA Nut, Front Axle pinion.
2x J3240553 Strap, Front axle yoke.
4x J4006928 Bolt, Front axle yoke strap.
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