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Just got it finished but just seeing if there is any interest. I think I wanna build a JK now. I bought the Jeep bone stock. Built it myself. Wheeled geat. Drives pretty good on street still. Very firm on price. $15,000. Any questions just ask. I will sell with out the 40s. Would do a Jk trade. Has to be auto/

-40in Grapplers-

-Front axle 79 HP 60-
35spline inners and outters
Detroit locker
Good brakes
Premium Warns

-Rear axle 80s D70HD
35 spline
Detroit Locker
Disc Braked

-Engine 98 318 Magnum-
All new sensors
All new tune up
Advance Adapt Alum Radiator

-Trans 727-
Shift Kit
Towing Converter

-NP231 SYE-

BDS Long Arms
Rear Track Bar Deleted
Front 3 Link
FOX 2.0s
Rears Outboarded
4'' Coils

Undercover fab gas tank skid
Windshield guards
Front fenders
Flat belly

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