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2002 Jeep TJU

15” stretch in the body
LJ hard top
2007 6.0 ly6
Texas Speed VVT2 Cam
Shriftworks wireless tap shift
Stak 3 speed transfer case

Dyno tuned by Big Bear Performance

14bolt front axle
5.38 gears
Arb locker
Yukon shafts with superjoints
TMR shave kit
PSC XR steering
Artec ram mount

14b rear
Stock shafts
TMR shave kit

Creeper lock wheels
42” Goodyear MTRs
Arb big twin compressor
16” ORI struts
3 link front
4 link rear
Aluminum links
15ga fuel cell under body
Corbeau extra wide seats with rear bench
Northwest Offroad Triple stick
iPad dash running dash command.
15k bulldog winch w/wireless remote
Front half tubed
Artec backhalf kit

I drive the Jeep on the street a lot. Drives awesome. Does awesome on the trail!


I am sure there is other stuff I am missing. Feel free to ask any question. You can also text me 601-260-1070


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