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2002 Yamaha Raptor (Trade for 4x4 Quad)
Here is the deal people.

I've got a 02 Raptor (Title in hand) and I want to trade for a 4x4 ATV. I've been to a couple different shops and have been offered around $3500 as a trade in / even trade deal or sell outright for as low as $4100. The only thing I’ve really considered is a 01 Yamaha Kodiak, but it was pretty beat up and it was an Automatic. (Oh, and I would STRONGLY suggest that nobody in Utah EVERY step foot into Plaza Cycle in SLC. They offered me a even trade on a 02 ATV, and when i loaded mine up, drove all the way there, they told me I'd owe them $1400 to make up for the "Even Trade". (A$$HOLES!) Keep in mind, i called 3 times to MAKE SURE that this was a go deal, and that I wasn't wasting my time... Also, a dealership in Layton was willing to hook me up for $1500 for a BRANDNEW 04 of the same model, so you can tell that Plaza was trying to screw me over! So, here I am. Everything I've found tells me that my raptor is worth more than a comparable year ATV, anything other than a fully decked out Sportsman Limited Edition or huge 4x4 ATV. So I'm hoping that somebody wants a dune blaster or sport ATV for a trade. Mine is 100% stock other than the sand paddles, chassis skid plate and the front sprocket was changed for a lower tooth count. Its been "Tumbled" once, but nearly everything was repaired, and that is actually the reason I’m getting rid of it. It was purchased for my wife, and I think she is a little too.... Well not interested in riding it any longer... So, if you or you have a friend with a newer 4x4 (At least 400 or larger) ATV in good shape and they are looking for a trade give me a holler.

I'm located in the Salt Lake City area and would be willing to meet a trader, and I'll even be going to Texas in a month, so this offer could encompass a few states.

Contact me if you’re interested and we can swap information and pictures.

core[email protected]
[email protected]
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