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2003 3500 CTD crew cab dually 2wd

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2003 Dodge crew cab dually 2wd
3500, 105k, clean inside and out...new windshield(had a crack and i had it replaced), rare dark green color, dark grey interior, rear seat tray(back seat folds up and steel tray folds out), Mag-Hytec deep trans pan, massive air filter, tonneau cover

i hate to get rid of it but i have a 95 CTD also and dont really have the need for 2 tow rigs. this thing pulls like a train...i hate to get rid of it

$18,000 obo

located in Granite Falls ,NC
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bump....obo! Ive got 8-lug 19.5's to go with it also....
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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