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i have a 2004 chevy silverado 2500hd srw duramax. It has 205k miles(miles will go up obviously as it is my daily driver). the owner before drove it back and fourth to florida, he was an older gentleman who towed his 18ft motor cycle trailer back and forth to his houses. I bought the truck with 150k on it and put over 50k miles in one year(just turned a year a few days ago)( i go away on trips constantly) 90%highway miles on this truck.

Currently has h2 rims on it with 35" tires with great tread left It has some performance parts on, which includes: airdog 150 lift pump, ppe hot+2 tune, billet center link and sleeves(strengthens the front end of the ifs).Has touch screen pioneer deck w/dvd and bunch of other things(month old), has a 5" exhaust going to a 8" stack threw toolbox in the bed, along with a roll up bed cover

I change the oil/fuel/air/tranny(spin on) every 4500 miles on the dot. before i got it 55k miles ago every fluid in the truck was changed and so were the injectors(lost receipts).truck has some flaws(small dents on the bed of truck from previous owner) its 6 years old....sad to see her go but im in need of a dually..!

price is :$17000
location: long island, new york

will trade for a dually!!
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