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This is your lucky day! Here is some info to chew on....

Up for sale is my 2004 Kia Sorento LX 4x4 with Sport Package (includes step bars, roof rack, fog lights, etc).

This is no stock Sorento as a top of the line Old Man Emu (OME) lift from ARB in Australia has been installed to give it an increased 2.5" of clearance yet providing a much more stable ride on and off road. Also with the vehicle are a set of Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ tires with lots of thread left. This vehicle is more capable than 90% of the Jeeps on the road. If you look closely you'll also see that the brake rotors have been upgraded with slotted and cross drilled rotors in addition to aftermarket brake pads providing a substantial increase in stoppin power for this vehicle. The vehicle also has heavy duty factory floor mats all around, a cargo mat in back as well cargo net and cargo cover. The first aid kit is included as well factory manuals and a Factory Tow Hitch.

This vehicle is not new, but is in great condition. Get a great deal on a very versatile vehicle that will drive you and/or the family around during the week and be a blast to 4x4 on the weekends. If I'm not mistaken the vehicle has a limited slip rear diff and a 6,500# towing capacity. The Kia Sorento is the modern day Suzuki Samurai or 1st Gen 4runner with more power and comfort. The body on frame construction is stout and very similar to a Toyota Tacoma or Toyota 4runner. Come see for yourself. A new baby and me going back to school forces the sale unfortunately for me.

The Sorento is one of the few SUVs remaining that can be purchased with a stick shift, a true drivers gem. It can hold more than a Jeep and more comfortably and take you as far off road as many other Jeeps.

#6 on the Edmunds 2006 best off road list
ahead of the Range Rover, Xterra, Land Cruiser, and Tacoma!

Petersen's 4 Wheel and Off Road Magazine 2003 4x4 of the year!

Some great You Tube videos of a Sorentos in action!
this is just the beginning!

Sorentos are great off road.. just because you haven't heard of or seen one on the trail doesn't mean its not.. I get all kinds of funny looks on the trail until their jaws drop when they see me doing things that most Jeeps can't.

The vehicle is currently under an extended 100,000 mile KIA factory warranty and will be detailed upon delivery.

asking price is $9,000 / OBO. Email me at [email protected] if interested.

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