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Ok, I'm have decided just to keep all the parts on the Jeep and sell it as is. I need to shed it so here it is. Basically it is a mint 05 Limited with tan leather, no issues and drives amazing. Low miles and all the maintenance is current.

Looking to get $14,000 obo. Or if you are interested in trading I am looking for a Suburban or Excursion in the $9-11,000 range.

Here is a list of specifics:
-05 Limited
-Tan Leather
-76,500 miles
-Hemi + Quadradrive II

Pretty straight forward,

Now the good stuff:
-Arrington Engines Carbon Fiber intake
-Medic Hood
-Flowmaster Exhaust (I think, this is what the previous owner put on)

Parts with only 3,000 miles
-Predator Tuner
-SRT8 Suspension including front and rear sway bars, SRT8 Bilstiens, Eibach SRT8 Lowering springs
-Black SRT8 replica wheels
-275/40/20 Yokohama Parada Spec-X tires
-5000k HID's for Low Beams and Fogs also have 3000k bulbs for the fogs

(This is a cutout of my maintenance log so some of it may be repeated)
Heater Core_________10/7/2010______67,990
Transmission Flush_____10/7/2010_____67,990
Oil Change (Mobil 1)____10/12/2010____68,550
Rear Hatch Lift Supports____11/24/2010___69,300
Egr Valve________________2/12/2011_____70,820
Tires (Yokohama)__________3/7/2011_____71,241
Wheels (SRT8)____________3/7/2011_____71,241
Swaybars (SRT8)__________3/7/2011_____71,241
Springs (SRT8 Eibach)______3/7/2011_____71,241
Shocks (SRT8 Bilstein)______3/7/2011_____71,241
Jet Thermostat (185 Degree)__3/7/2011___71,241
Tire Pressure Monitors_______3/7/2011____71,241
Driver side CV Shaft_________3/16/2011___71,540
Black Grill__________________4/10/2011
Oil Change (Mobil 1)_________5/28/2011___72,886
Fluid Change Diffs and Tcase___9/21/2011___74,700


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Always love to see a good looking grand. Especially out of Winchester. Good luck with the sale. I saw this on craigslist a while back and was tempted, but just not what I need right now. Free bump.

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