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I have a 05 Gold Jeep Liberty Turbo Diesel 4x4. 172,155 Miles, its my daily driver so that will go up by the day.

They never sold these in CA or NY. I have a clean CA title in my name, Just paid registration, just waiting on the tags to be mailed to me.

Temperature stays right in the middle at all times even with A/C on full blast and climbing uphill

It has a couple upgrades engine wise.
-Steel 7v glowplugs instead of the Stock ceramic
-Sasquatch parts Provents kit
-HD Fan Clutch
-HD water pump
-Did the timing belt job 2,500 miles ago. Needs to be done every 100k

-Cracked windshield
-I had a fender bender on the driver side, replaced the bumper, driver side fender and grill. I didn't paint the fender or grill. -The hood has a decent dent on the corner on the driver side. Still opens and closes properly.
-The incident did not contact the frame rails so the frame is not tweaked.
-I replaced the tie rods and wheel bearings, just to be sure everything is safe n sound.
-All of the upgrades listed above I did after the incident. I figured if I have to replace the fender, bumper and grill. I might as well go deeper and make it run perfect for another 100k miles.

Located in Albany, CA

I'm looking to trade for a Cummins diesel tow rig and I'll add cash on top. Preferably something pre 1997(smog exempt) I know I have to put a price so I'll set it at $5,000obo or trade!
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