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dp said:
I am going to buy a new bike this fall and was thinking of the 05 Caldera.
Is this a good bike for the money?
All the new choices nowdays are perplexing to say the least.
Or should I be looking at a full suspension bike?
What kind of riding do you like doing?

Personally I liked Ibis products, but Ibis is no longer in business.
I prefer steel or ti for hard tails.

7000 series aluminium is too stiff for my liking, 6061T6 is a good alloy for aluminum, so I think that if you MUST have an Aluminum bike, go for the 6061-T6 frame, I think the Kula is 6061-T6 (easton tubing) and it's nto too terribly much more.

I'd pony for the Kikapu

For the most part, Kona's seem to be pretty well built bikes.

I like Salsa cycles as a second to Ibis.
Salsa is still in business, take a look at their Ala Carte frame. I have ridden one once, and have been hoping to break my gary fisher mt. Tam (break it, RIGHT) so I could upgrade to the Ala Carte frame.

Just my 2 cents.
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