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Looking to sell my 05 LJR. Built this thing to be driven anywhere and wheel just about anything. But I’m just looking to switch up my hobby. Would possibly be willing to trade for something fast with a stick, (mustangs cts V maybe a vette?) or something along those lines but ideally I’d rather the cash

2005 LJR 75k miles NSG370 trans
All genright aluminum body armor
Motobilt bumpers
Fully skidded from the oil pan to the gas tank
Currie rock jock 44s front and rear with ARBs and 4:88s. Front has RCVs and WJ brake conversion
Entire TJ/LJ PSC kit. Box, resi, cooler, ram ect
3 link front 4 link rear with rock krawler links
Fox shocks with the rear shocks out boarded
Artec rear coil correction kit
BTF front half cage kit
brand new cooper stt pro 37s have less then 1k miles and 2 mild wheeling days on them on ATX beadlocks
Truck lite LED leadlights maxbilt LED tail lights
Poison spyder fold down tailgate and hood louver
Hard top, soft top, full doors and half doors
Most of those stuff listed is pretty new I only built this thing about a year or so ago give or take a few months on certain parts
It has a Bunch of other stuff but all the major important things are listed. Could go on with little details all day to someone’s that’s interested
This things a turn key drive wherever you want, wheel it and drive it home kind of build. Last wheeling trip I did was 800 miles and 2 days of wheeling and it didn’t skip a beat. Plus many other several hundred mile trips over the course of owning it. It actually was my daily for a while until I bought my new truck

Asking price is 25k and it’s located on Long Island NY. Very motivated to sell it and begin my next project

Tapatalk is a pain in the ass and only letting me upload one pic at a time so I’m only going to add a few for a general idea but have a lot more I can send to whoever

Wheels are black now but here’s a pic with the soft top and half doors

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Nice build! Does it have a clean title status? WOuld you mind PM'ing me the vin number so I can check the loan status with my bank and see if they will loan that much etc?
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