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Well I guess its time. Been here for a few years now and never started compiling in one place yet. Spend more time here in the last year since TTORA went down the tubes...

Anyway...here is where I started in 2006, 2005 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport with 6k miles...

And after the first few installs:

^^^AP front bumper, XRC8 Winch, 4x sliders, 285 BFG AT's, spacer lift, AAL

Random transformation pictures between then and this time last year:

^^^ATO Prototype Rear Bumper

^^^First and only set of 2005+ Tube doors made by yours truly :flipoff2:

^^^Fox Airbumps, Donahoe C/O, AP uppers

^^^Mini bedcage thanks to 01Tundra

^^^Added OBA

^^^Dual MV-50's and Front/Rear ARB's

^^^All-Pro Long Travel, Total Chaos Coil Bucket Gussets

That takes me to around this time last year...

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The current issue was my wife and I had recently purchased an EdgeStar Fridge/Freeze vs. the ARB for cost reasons. The problem is this thing was large.

When I say large mean it would take up half the back seat when in use. This wasn't working for me so I decided to do something about it.

First I removed the seat bottom, then the seat back, then the plastic crap taking up more room.

Was left with something like this:

So I made a rack to host some secure tie-down points:

Then reversed the hinges on the fride so I could tuck it closer to the back of the cab and not need room for the lid to clear when opened:

Swapped out the handles for some brackets made of angle:

Then mounted it in the truck:

Relocated the latch:

Floor storage still works:

All in all I gained tons of interior storage back by removing the seat and other crap. Gonna add some dynamat to help deaden the road noise, but eh...its a wheeler!

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Now I had to do something about the rear suspension...I decided 63 chevys would do the trick.

Removed the springs and cleaned up the frame a bit.

Brackets from Ruffstuff welded up:

Made some spring perch plates to weld on so I can adjust the axle position if I want. The u-bolt plates are from RuffStuff and are 3/8" thick, as are my perch plates.

Moved front hangar 4 3/4" forward, 6" shackle length, angle should be just about perfect with truck weight on the springs...

Don't ask me why the hell Toyota decided to dovetail the frames on these newer trucks....argh

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Seeing how I havent broken too many axles yet, I decided the extra diff clearance from 37's might be nice. I ordered up a set of 5 37/12.5/17 KM2' for the truck. I knew it would be a bitch to fit these, since my 35's rubbed like mad. Oh well, everything has its price.

Pic on 37's before clearancing started:

I started with the rear since the only thing neccesary was relocateing the upper shock mounts. I removed the old mounts which were normal tabs off the back of my hoops and made these:

By moving the upper mount down a bit I gained some much needed droop and could use some unused travel from the shocks that was wasted before.

Drooped out:

^^^Still have a few inches in there, but some forced articulation should help me take advantage of all the travel there.

Current Picture as it sits:

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Next it was on to the front.

First I stripped the inner wheel well starting with the battery tray:

Then I removed the coilover and mounted a tire and started trimming:

By the end of the trimming it looked something like this:

I made a new wheel well out of some 20 ga, welded it in and then used seam sealer to seal it up. After paint and trimming the fender it turned out pretty good!


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Since I raised the wheel well so much I now had to relocate the battery to the bed so I used an audio distribution block up front:

^^^1/0 Power wire not shown

And made a quick battery box, using a few stock pieces and some angle:

Also changed air tanks to make room for my spare tire as well:


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So as of this point here is the list:

Front Axle/Suspension:

All-Pro Long Travel
All-Pro Chromo CV shafts
Fox Remote Resi Coilovers
Fox Air-bumps
Total Chaos Coil Bucket Gussets
ARB Air-Locker
4.56 Nitro Thick-cut gears

Rear Axle/Suspension:

Chevy 63's
Bilstein 14" 7100's
RuffStuff Brackets
ARB Air Locker
4.56 Nitro Gears


Homebrew Front Tube Bumper
4x Sliders with kickout
Homebrew Bedcage
XRC8 winch
Homebrew IFS skid
Modified All-Pro T-case skid


Converted HID Hella 500's (4)
Dual Digital Air Pressure Guage (Tank+Lockers)
Digital Voltmeter
Dual MV-50 Air Compressor system w/ Firestone 3 gal tank
Edgestar Fridge/Freezer
Illuminated 4x Selector Switch


(5) 37" BFG KM2's
(5) Pro Comp 7089 Alloys
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