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They are here! WeaverFab is proud to announce we have 05-up Dana 60 drive slug kits in stock! Available in 35 or 40 spline, kits come as you would expect with a pair of drive slugs, covers, O-rings and hardware.
Pricing is $245 for the 35 and 40 spline kits.
These are on the website, most orders ship next day.
New covers are now black/engraved :smokin:


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thank you time!

Jason in AZ
Cody in GA
DJ in TX
Kyle in WA
Colby in AR
James in CA
John in WA
Nick in OR
Jean-Philippe in NY
Charles in CA
530 motorsports in CA
Dan in CA
Tyler in FL
Danny in FL
Hope we didn't miss anyone, thanks fellas! :smokin:
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Ordered a set of black 35 spline slugs. Can't wait to try them out!
It doesnt get easier than these drive flanges, we pocket the end of our slug locater to allow the tip of the axle to pass through to get full spline engagement, thicker wider drive flanges, and a nice thick o-ring with stainless fasteners. All for under $250!!


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I love mine! Zero issues, fit perfect.

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Dumb question:
How quick could one swap out lock-outs to your slugs?

I've never used them before and was wondering if I could easily swap them in and out as needed:
On road=lock-outs
Offroad=your slugs

I figured I'd install them in Nov., until March (Idaho snow).

And then install them as needed when I venture into the backcountry (central Idaho) the rest of the year/season.

For reference:
2006 F-250 Dana 60 going under '94 Bronco (ackerman steering!:flipoff2:).
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These are not quick release hubs.
Designed to install and leave.

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