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Introducing the 2005'-up WEAVER FAB hi-steer kit for ford superduty axles. fits all knuckle types 05-08' and 09'-current, retains vacuum hub locks if needed, fits up to a 5.25" backspacing wheel, has ideal ackerman at 110-112" wheelbase.

one side: $275 exchange
both sides: $500 exchange
kits include a cnc machined knuckle, hardware, and a cnc machined blank arm
ball joints $125 set of 2, $250 set of four- SPICER
core charge: $350 each

Q: I have a 05-up dana 60, how do I know which one I have?
A: this kit fits f250-f350 axles, or , 3.73 or 4.10 geared axles, not the larger f450-f550 axle.

Q: do you have a kit for the larger axle?
A: YES! see our ad here..

Q: what is the o-ring groove for?
A: this is the only kit on the market that allows vacuum hub lock retention if desired, by installing an o-ring in the provided groove and drilling the arm for a fitting. instructions are included with each kit.

Q: i'm ready, how does this work?
A: price for the kits is exchange, you send in your stock/unmodified knuckle to us, and we exchange them for a machined set, ready to go..

Q: what is the turnaround time to get a kit?
A: once we have your cores, current time is usually next day. inquire before shipment.

Q: what if my knuckle is modified?
A: if your core is not stock, we can usually machine it (drilled tre for example) but, there is an additional $100 setup fee. inquire before sending in a modded knuckle please!

Q: I'm ready, what do I do?
A: send your core to:

Weaver Fabrication
21433 gilbert drive
redding, ca 96002
we can send out kits without yours upfront but a core fee will be added until yours is returned, we allow 30 days to return a stock unmodified core for a full refund.

Q: can I just order off the website?
A: yes! all orders can be now taken on the website : www.weaverfabrication.com

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the super 60 is 10 lug... easy way to tell... i need both sides though and this is $500 for just one side correct?

Artecs hydro dual ram fits the 05+ 60's only they have to be high steer to get all the strength right... mine look stupid right now but its my only option and so far no issues with 40's...


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so I found a 2006 F-250 axle set- 8 lug- 3.73 factory ratio- are they all 35 spline inner & outer? does that mean the front is a Dana FIDDY and the rear is a 10.50??? I might be interested in this setup for them if so-

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this has ideal ackerman at 110-112" w/b, the arm does not line up with the stock lower arm. we originally had it that way but it would only allow for a +/- 4.0" backspace with a 17" wheel. since most late model axles use far more backspacing, we redesigned it to clear 5.25" backspacing. zero need to double shear for strength, but, using the tre or heim under the arm provides better clearance with the higher backspace wheels and lowers the steering a nice bit..
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