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Introducing the 2005'-up WEAVER FAB hi-steer kit for ford superduty axles. fits all knuckle types 05-08' and 09'-current, retains vacuum hub locks if needed, fits up to a 5.25" backspacing wheel, has ideal ackerman at 110-112" wheelbase.

one side: $275 exchange
both sides: $500 exchange
kits include a cnc machined knuckle, hardware, and a cnc machined blank arm
ball joints $125 set of 2, $250 set of four- SPICER
core charge: $350 each

Q: I have a 05-up dana 60, how do I know which one I have?
A: this kit fits f250-f350 axles, or , 3.73 or 4.10 geared axles, not the larger f450-f550 axle.

Q: do you have a kit for the larger axle?
A: YES! see our ad here..

Q: what is the o-ring groove for?
A: this is the only kit on the market that allows vacuum hub lock retention if desired, by installing an o-ring in the provided groove and drilling the arm for a fitting. instructions are included with each kit.

Q: i'm ready, how does this work?
A: price for the kits is exchange, you send in your stock/unmodified knuckle to us, and we exchange them for a machined set, ready to go..

Q: what is the turnaround time to get a kit?
A: once we have your cores, current time is usually next day. inquire before shipment.

Q: what if my knuckle is modified?
A: if your core is not stock, we can usually machine it (drilled tre for example) but, there is an additional $100 setup fee. inquire before sending in a modded knuckle please!

Q: I'm ready, what do I do?
A: send your core to:

Weaver Fabrication
21433 gilbert drive
redding, ca 96002
we can send out kits without yours upfront but a core fee will be added until yours is returned, we allow 30 days to return a stock unmodified core for a full refund.

Q: can I just order off the website?
A: yes! all orders can be now taken on the website : www.weaverfabrication.com
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Can you do the knuckle savers for the '05-up also?
Knuckles are on their way.
Any word on '05+ knuckle savers? :D
Great! Just got to install ball joints and get them mounted on the axle. I'll try to get pics as soon as my kids give me a chance to get something done.
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