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2006 5.3 (bought as low mileage and believe it) engine with all the accesories. Swapped TB for a new cable drive TB so i could run a 700r4 tranny. Speartech modified harness for stand alone, removed all tranny and emmision crap except front O2 sensors.Speartech also went through the computer and removed all the torque management, all the emission except front O2, removed all tranny wires, included new fuse panel with check engine light and aldl plug. TVmadeEz TV cable kit for LS1 that can be made to work with this combo. Intank fuel pump assembly from tanksinc. 700r4 valve body from tci that holds constant tv pressure(pn 376020 I believe) and TCI deep pan for 700r4. Advance adapters flywheel and shim to run a 700r4 behind 5.3. Lokar TV cable for 700R4. Steel dipstick tube and dipstick for 700R4(Not cheap chrome) Also have motor mount plates to adapt to earlier stlye 3 bolt motor mounts. Everything except the engine is new unused..changed plans and have no use for this stuff. Also have stock truck manifolds and a few other misc parts. One of the coils was damaged by me while hoisting with Kent Moore lift plates so it will need to be replaced. Also have Corvette fuel filter with return to tank and all the GM quick connect to AN6 adapters on the engine manifold and all the on the filter/reg.
There may be more but this is all I can think of right now. I did to get any warranty on the engine when I bought it so I cant offer any warranty to you. The oil in the motor is used and clean. I believe this to be a great engine for a older model swap to get great fuel mileage. Not interested in parting out anything yet.
$2500 Located MOntgomery Alabama 36108
Can get any pics you want in a couple days...had small surgery today so the next couple days wond be possible.
email mccausey_at_knology_dot_net
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