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2006 V8 Touareg Offroad Gray exterior with Kristal Gray interior - Last 5 of the VIN are 06799 - Located in Beaumont, Texas 77707

For those that don't know this will tow 7700lbs easily. My last time I towed with it I was carrying just under 6000lbs and I averaged 16mpg @ 60mph. It also has what they call 4xMotion which is full time AWD and it also has a low range transfer case with a selectable locking center differential.

I bought this almost 2 years ago as a CPO vehicle with 42k miles on it and it just recently passed 90k. I bought an extended warranty(Drive Easy) from a VW dealership that is good for another ~24k miles(114k miles) or 2 years(It may be 3, I'd have to check to be sure).

Shortly after buying it I had my local VW dealership install an OEM hitch. I also installed a Dice iPod hook up that runs underneath the console and comes out through the bin in the center console.
Last year I bought 4 new Nitto Terra Grappler tires in stock size and shortly after that I did a complete brake job with new rotors and pads along with 1 new OEM pad sensor that was broke during the change. The rotors are Adam's rotors that are dimpled/slotted with powder coated hats and the pads are Posi-Quiet performance pads. I also replaced both headlights with new OEM HID bulbs last year after 1 burned out and replaced the foglights with Höen endurance foglights(yellow). And as you can see in the pictures I also added OEM all weather mats front and rear.

The oil has been changed roughly every 7500 miles with 507 spec Castrol SLX Professional oil and a Mahle filter. The only gas I ever use is 93 octane from either Chevron/Texaco or Mobil/Exxon stations.

All service has been done by either Clear Lake VW or West Houston VW. The drive shaft was replaced last year and a transfer case software update was done. The coil packs have also been replaced with updated ones by the dealer. More recently the camshaft position sensor gasket on the back of the motor was replaced due to a small leak. This cost almost $2k since the motor had to be dropped due to limited space. The labor was a majority of it and the extended warranty covered it with no fuss. The drivers side valve cover gasket was also changed around the same time due to a small leak. The ENTIRE A/C system was also replaced about 1.5 years ago. It wouldn't blow cold and took it to the dealer and was told the compressor had failed. They didn't want to just replace it and risk there still being metal in the system so EVERYTHING was replaced. The check engine light is not on and the only thing needed at this point is a timing belt change which I can have done by the dealer prior to purchasing if you'd like, all you'd have to do is pay for the actual cost(~$1200 with a water pump too)

Carfax showed that it was hit on the drivers side at some point and is the only accident showing. It has few of the usual parking lot battle scars but nothing major.

This has been a completely trouble free vehicle and I had planned on using it to tow my 4Runner to Moab from Texas this summer. I have no doubt it would make it there and back with ease. We don't need such a large vehicle anymore and I'm selling it to get my wife a new Beetle.

Any questions or concerns please feel free to call me at 409-779-1729 or e-mail me at [email protected]. My name is Richard.

Price is $15k OBO. I'm very motivated to sell since I'd like to have a new Beetle waiting for her when she gets back from California next month. I have room to work on the price so don't be afraid to ask!

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