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2008 Rubberbelly Racing

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We are very excited about the start if the 08 season at Hannibal this weekend. I thought I'd share a couple of changes we made over the off season.
Here is the build link from last year.

Turning was a big problem last year. The combination of spools front and rear and not being able to turn lock to lock hurt us in some situations. Surprisingly we were abll to make due with it pretty well though. The first order of business was to build a front axle that would allow us to move the control arms inside of the frame so that we could turn lock to lock. I had just finished build a junkyard spidertrax "609" for the front of my bronco and we set out to build one our selves. It turned out the 9" housing would have to be retubed to make it fit. So I just bit the billet and ordered another spidertrax housing. The seals were really one of the things that makes these housings really nice. Nothing to fab to hold seals just put them and screw in the set screw. We machined out some stock d44 inner c's so that they would slip on the new tube diameter.

Some other things That went into the front axle we some alloy USA shafts and some Solid Axle Drive Flanges. Both from 4wheel Drive Hardware. Inner shafts are also alloy usa that were custom machined by Currie Enterprises.
Check out these drive flanges! These things are beefy! so is the snap ring too.

Another 2008 partner, Detroit Locker, Helped us out with getting the right detroit lockers for our 9" axles front and rear. This has already made a big difference in freeing the car up to turn. Getting those spools out of there with out getting into the extra stuff of selectables.

One last thing that we were able to do this year for RROCK was to add cutting brakes. We had already added one for the rear, thats all that RROCK allowed in 07, So we set about to add one for the front as well. We went with the 2-in 2-out CNC. While we were at it we upgraded the master cylinder. We started with a corvette master but didn't like the volume it was putting out. So we tried a 76 or mercury master with 4-wheel dick brakes. This one was the ticket. With an adjustment to the brake rod it bolted right up.
Here is a picture of the brake lines and the cutting brakes plumbed. What fun that was! We almost ditched the power brakes just so we could use plastic lines!

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Awesome Job In Hannibal!!!!!!!!!! 2nd Place In We Rock!!!!!! Frikin Awesome!!!!! Good Job Jake And Scott!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ready for 1st RRock event for '08?

See you guys there, hope to get pics posted tonight:smokin:
What an awesome weekend! It was great to see 2 4wd Hardeware teams sitting in the top 3 at the end of Saturday! The courses were long and a great mix of technical crawling and getting it! I am not sure about the rest of the teams but I am sure the story is similar. We made great progress through the courses but just flat didn't have enough time to complete a couple of them and the ones we did finish we had less than a minute left on the clock and we were hustlin to get out. Definatly the best We-Rock event I have ever been to. Things were working through and the pace for the courses and in between was steady and fast. Tom worked his but off with quick recovery and kept things moving!!! Awesome, Awesome weekend. I'll have a full write up done in a couple days. Thanks! Jake
Congrats on the win guys, see you this weekend.
Nice work guys:D Tracker is working great, now we just need to work on the driver and spotter:flipoff2: See you Friday night at camp.

RBR Pics at WE Rock 4/26/08 Hannibal Rocks

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Jake, that lil Suzu-aaaaaa-geo sure made some of those lines look like a Wal Mart parking lot! Glad to see you guys had such a great weekend!
I was there with Tom Cambell..(major rock)...

you put on one HECK of a show with that rig!!...great drivin and kick azz setup!!:smokin:
Thanks guys. Can't wait to see you'll again in september! Working on the write-up from the weekend too. Hope to have it posted soon.
Okay so it will probably be after the RROCK season opener before I get the articles done. Here are the pictures we have from sunday.

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Well, I talked with Jason last night, and he said that you guys had taken first in R ROCK. AWESOME JOB GUYS!
Kick butt to see you guys take the win this weekend!

Looks like Bruso put up a good fight!
Thanks guys! It was awesome to pull off a win this weekend! Really proud to be able to have Cooper Tires, Expert Offroad and 4Wheeldrive Hardware and all of our sponsors along with us!

Huge Thanks to Scott, I know the spotters don't get the respect they deserve but Man Scott worked his ass off again this time with a hurt back and everything. Man so excited and what an awesome event!
Kyle and Travis kept the pressure on us and the Kyle's were able to pull ahead and get the second place finish. Lots of action this weekend thanks to Louie and Eli! Louie finally got to the fourth course where he didn't roll over! Aweseome work to perserve and keep going guys! Thanks again guys what an awesome weekend to get oru first win at Howiepalooza!

Pictures coming soon!
Congrats Jake, I wanted to make it down there this weekend, but could not get away. :cool:
We'll find the weakness of that damn Geo one of these days. I'm thinking maybe Adam should drive, I'm sure we can distract him easily! Congrats on the finish. You guys will give us something to shoot for each event I think.

Time to go get some waffles now.
We'll find the weakness of that damn Geo one of these days. I'm thinking maybe Adam should drive, I'm sure we can distract him easily! Congrats on the finish. You guys will give us something to shoot for each event I think.

Time to go get some waffles now.
Maybe you should work on you spotting skillz:flipoff2: I don't get distracted that bad, wait unless your talking about Leah's Entertainment that she likes to bring around :D

That is the ticket, we'll start the "Entertainment" earlier next time.
Time to go get some waffles now.
Man, I was drinking a Pepsi when I read that and I laughed so hard I now have Pepsi all over my desk. Thanks for that.

If you were to drive you would have to actually listen to me and do what I said when I said it not after I tell you five times.:D So how was driving up that notch just to the west of anarchy?

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